Mission of Orlin Research

The mission of Orlin Research, Inc., is to produce software products that multiply the power and efficiency of empirical research in the social sciences. Our goals are to expand access to complex data sources and to advance the methods of scientific investigation used to analyze them. The company was established in 2005 by Catherine Ruggles and Steven Ruggles.


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Catherine Ruggles

President and CEO

For the past 30 years, Catherine Ruggles has been involved with the design, development, and management of software products and companies. Her extensive knowledge of programming and software architecture served as the foundation for her rapid rise in product and business management, bringing her into the most senior levels of organizational and technological responsibility. Catherine’s award-winning products make frequent use of experimental and front-running methodologies and emerging software development.

Catherine started her career while still an undergraduate, as an SPSS and PL/1 programmer for social scientists at Yale University. In 1984, after a decade of working as a professional programmer in academic and commercial organizations, she helped create Prospect Research Corporation, a software development company that provided DOS-based aggregate data processing and publishing software for large statistical organizations such as the United Nations, Statistics Canada, and the World Health Organization.

Catherine joined Peter Norton, Inc. (which became a division of Symantec), in 1990. As director of software development, Catherine was responsible for the development of Norton Desktop for Windows, Norton Utilities, and Norton Anti-Virus, among other well-known products. She oversaw the development and launch of the Norton Administrator for Networks in 1993, which achieved revenues of $10 million in its first year and which was sold to Hewlett-Packard in 1997.

In 1997, Catherine moved into the start-up sector with executive positions at Enfish Technology, Inc., and WebPutty, Inc. As chief technology officer at both of these companies, she helped shape and develop visionary software products.

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Sara Armstrong

Vice President of Software Development

Sara Armstrong has spent over 20 years architecting and managing the development of complex software products. Over the course of her career, Sara has worked in all facets of software system development—including design, management, engineering, and training—in a number of different markets, and she has been responsible for multiple successful product releases.

Sara began her career working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she helped develop software for space and military computer systems and was responsible for user interactions and management briefings. Quickly rising from technical lead positions to senior management, she later worked at Enterworks and WebPutty on projects involving intelligent data management and transformation.

Sara joined Orlin Research in 2008, where she draws on her extensive experience as a software systems architect. At Orlin, Sara is responsible for system design, quality assurance, and team management in the development of the Orlin Data System.


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