Extending the Power of Your Data

Expand the Quality of Your Social Science Research with Orlin

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Your Data, Your Choice

The Orlin Data System is configurable to work seamlessly on your system and be monitored and managed by your team. Or, we can handle those hosting duties for you using your specifications and access criteria to ensure appropriate data protection and management.

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Fully Linked Documentation

All of your study’s documentation can be loaded into the Orlin system.The metadata are linked to the data and full-text indexed for fast access to data specifications, variable definitions, and original survey questions. This integrated framework allows users to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of your data.

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Data Dissemination Made Better

Users can quickly find variables and see what years are available for analysis. The system’s database makes it easy to restructure and recode data as needed, using pre-loaded templates that guide users through the recoding. The system also maintains an audit trail to track user changes and analyses.

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Stats Ready

The Orlin Data System allows the user to select data to export with the click of a button. The SAS, Stata, SPSS, and R packages are all supported. Also, many analyses, such as frequencies and cross-tabs, can be performed quickly within the system for preliminary tests and data checks without needing to download the data first.